Makeup Changes For Women Over 40


By the time we've 40, there are minor tweaks we should make to our beauty routine to refine our look. These are the swaps to make after you hit 40 because they have the biggest impact. 

Swap a regular primer for a blurring one: When you're in your 40s, those "expression lines" around your eyes, forehead and mouth don't disappear as easily as they did in your 30s. A blurring primer can help hid and soften those lines and take years off your face. 

Swap powder for cream: Your skin gets drier as your estrogen levels drop in your 40s and powder makeup settles in tiny lines on your face, making them stand out more. Cream products give you that dewy glow you want. 

Swap dark lipstick for a lovely shade of pink: Have you noticed your lips looking thinner? It happens as we get older and a dark lipstick can make them look smaller, which makes you look older. A mauve or pink will plump your lips and add a "youthful rosiness." 

Swap brow pencils for fiber-building gels: Changes in hormones in your 40s are also to blame for thinning hair, which means your eyebrows too. A fiber gel helps builds the illusion of individual hairs, making you look younger than when you use a brow pencil. 

Swap black eyeliner for navy: It won't look much different than your go-to black but navy liner will make your eyes pop and appear more youthful. 

Source: The Zoe Report


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