Hasbro Unveils New Monopoly Tokens


Monopoly is giving The Boot the boot. Hasbro has unveiled the playing pieces that will be included in the newest edition of the classic board game and three beloved tokens are being replaced, including the Boot, the wheelbarrow and the thimble. 

The new additions include a rubber ducky, a penguin and a T-Rex, along with the originals ..  a top hat, race car, battleship, the Scottie dog, and the cat, which joined in 2013 after a nationwide vote.


While some of the new pieces may seem out of place, it could have been worse. The Hasbro pool to pick the new tokens included potential additions that included emojis and even a bunny slipper. More than 4.3 million voted for the latest editions from more then 146 countries. 

Source: CBS News


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