FEEL GOOD: Widow Gets Late Husband's Voicemail

Debora Taylor lost her husband Hank suddenly back in 2015. He was diagnosed with small cell lung carcinoma and died in her arms a month later. His grieving widow had one small comfort, a voicemail he left her shortly before he died. 

She says it was "just a silly voicemail." Hank didn't know when he would be home from work, he told her, "I love you, talk to you later," and then he couldn't get the phone to turn off because he was on Bluetooth. So the message reminded her of his love and made her laugh a little and she listened to it every night. 

So when she changed phone carriers, she was concerned about getting the message recorded to an audio file on her iPad so she would always have it. But the voicemail wasn't there as long as the AT&T rep assured her it would be, so a friend reached out to a local news station, who contacted the company on her behalf. So then AT&T helped Debora retrieve the previous voicemail and record it to keep the memory forever. 

Source: Today


Video Source: Click 2 Houston


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