OMG: Lawyer's Pants Catch On Fire In Court

If a lair's pants really do catch on fire, then Steven Gutierrez is going to have a hard time in court. The Miami lawyer was giving his closing arguments when his pants caught on fire. What's even more ironic, he was working on an arson case. 

Gutierrez was arguing that his client's car spontaneously combusted and was not intentionally set on fire when smoke started coming out of his pant's pocket. According to the "Miami Herald," he had been fiddling with something in his pocket before the incident. Once smoke was visible, Gutierrez fled the courtroom. 


The 28-year-old eventually came back unharmed with a singed pocket and promised it wasn't a defense stunt gone wrong. Instead, Gutierrez blamed faulty e-cigarette batteries. The incident is being investigated and depending on the conclusion, the judge in the case could decide to hold the smoking lawyer in contempt of court. 

Source: Miami Herald


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