OMG: Man Using Car To Find A Kidney Donor

Chris Storie may be sick, but that doesn't mean he can't be creative. The Asheboro, North Carolina man is in need of a kidney transplant so he put a sign on his Honda Civic looking for donors. 

The decal which includes Storie's blood type, phone number and email address is not only on Storie's car but on the cars of 23 of his family and friends. 


So far, 28-year-old Storie hasn't found a match, but he's getting calls from around the country. "The fact that somebody who doesn't know me from Adam, doesn't know what I'm about, doesn't know what I do, and you are willing to put your life at risk and give me a kidney? That's absolutely a blessing," he said. "Even if 100 people see it, and only one calls, that's one more phone call that I get, that's one more shot I get at getting a kidney." 

Source: WCNC


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