OMG: YouTube Took Down Giraffe Birth Cam

The anticipated birth of a baby giraffe at a zoo near Binghamton, New York has made headlines for an unexpected reason. 

YouTube took down what was supposed to be a live-stream of a giraffe giving birth at an animal park in upstate New York. The feed for Wednesday night's blessed event went dark before the baby giraffe was born. Animal Adventure Park says its "live giraffe cam" had as many as 30 million views over about 12 hours and those viewers might have included people who don't think birth of a giraffe is good TV. 


A park spokesperson posted that a handful of extremists and animal rights activists reported the YouTube cam as sexually explicit or nude content. A YouTube spokesman has apologized saying, "Sometimes we make the wrong call." 

Mommy April the giraffe is still in labor. The 15-year-old has given birth to three other calves. Daddy giraffe Oliver is five-years-old and this will be his first. A GoFundMe page is set up for fans to sponsor the animal family. 

The residents of the small town of Harpursville, where the zoo is located is reeling from the attention, but welcome visitors to see the family this spring. 

You can watch the birth live and follow the park on their Facebook page for updates. 

Source: WBNG


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