OMG: Man Says He Was Discriminated For Prosthetic

A man who has overcome a leg amputation as a child is fighting back against being discriminated against. 

A Spirit Airlines customer says he was removed from a seat he had paid extra for due to having prosthetic leg. Matthew Garza was flying from Houston to Detroit last week with his girlfriend when he says a flight attendant made him move from his seat in an exit row, saying they didn't think he could handle opening the door if needed. 


Garza saw no problem with that task, as the man who lost the leg at the age of nine due to a lawn mower accident, still played sports throughout high school. He says the attendants simply assumed he could not operate the exit door and never asked. Garza says the attendant specifically said he was moved due to his leg. 

Spirit Airlines hasn't been responding to his attempts to contact them. 

Source: WDIV


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