FEEL GOOD: Students Save Teacher's Life

English teacher Ira Sherrill had a heart attack in his classroom at Marcus High School in Flower Mound, Texas but because his students acted quickly, he's alive and recovering today. 

When their teacher went down, his students didn't hesitate. Someone called 911, others ran to get the school nurse, someone held Sherrill's head and unbuttoned his shirt and undid his tie. Nurse Margot Ell thought the students' looked really scared, so she brought the defibrillator along, which saved a lot of time, because she did need to use it. 


After the nurse shocked Sherrill with the AED, she and Principal Gary Shafferman did compressions. It was a real team effort and it helped keep their beloved teacher alive long enough to reach the hospital. He's so grateful for his quick-thinking students. "I am so glad to be here," Sherrill said. "And I cannot thank the Marcus students, faculty and staff enough - because they're the reason I'm here."

Source: CBS DFW


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