WATCH: Carter Thicke Talks Dad's Final Moments

Alan Thicke's son, Carter Thicke, was with him when he collapsed while playing hockey at a rink in Burbank, California. Now Carter is opening up about the experience. 


"The ambulance came and the paramedics had stabilized him and everything seemed fine," Carter said. "I got to give him a big hug and said, 'I love you' and that was the last time I saw him." Alan suffered a ruptured aorta and died on December 13th. 

Carter has nothing but good things to say about the man he calls, "the perfect dad." You can check out more of what carter had to say on today's edition of "Entertainment Tonight." He'll be talking about life after his tragic loss, the hardest moment of his dad's funeral, and his father's final words to him. 

Source: Entertainment Tonight


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