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Around Arizona: Spooky Szn


The Verde Canyon Railroad is a great idea any time of the year, but for those seeking out a little Oktoberfest tradition, this is the season to partake. It's your opportunity to sample a wide array of local Arizona-brewed craft beers. Your day includes a made-to-order lunch from the Copper Spike Cafe, a logo beer glass and four beer-tasking tickets. The party kicks off at the depot with the train departing the station at 1pm with the featured beers of the day available for purchase during the ride through the beautiful Verde Canyon as the leaves change colors and you see a side of Arizona you'd never see otherwise!

Dates: Through October 31st

Where: Verde Canyon Railroad

When: 11am to 5pm

Cost: $123 - $138


Nothing says fall quite like a face full of fried food and cotton candy, a fist full of carnival tickets, a bunch of cute fluffy farm animals and all carnival rides your gluttonous belly can handle. The Arizona State Fair has been a local staple for more than 100 years and is running through October 30th this year, Thursdays through Sundays.

Dates: Through October 30th

Where: Arizona State Fairgrounds & Coliseum

When: Open at noon Thursdays through Sundays

Cost: $15


Calling all ghosts n' goblins! This educational and entertaining place for spooky fun has arrived once again and this year welcomes four levels of wizardly inspired fun for all ages! Halloween has never been so spell-binding and fun. Hogwarts would be proud! Come prepared for ghosts and monsters and pumpkins and aliens! Guests are going to be thrilled to experience the science of all things spooky.

Dates: Through October 31st

When: 10:30am to 4pm

Where: Arizona Science Center

Cost: $15.95 for kids and $21.95 for adults, children under 3 are free


The 13th Floor is a fright-inducing staple in the Valley. Created by award-winning haunted house designers, this isn't your typical spooky season attraction. Certain words come to mind...terrifying, intense, thrilling, graphic, horrific, EPIC. Come prepared to scream and be ready to lose some sleep post-walkthrough due to a few residual nightmares.

Dates: Through October 31st

Where: 2814 W Bell Rd

When: Reservations start at 7pm

Cost: $25 and up depending on date and package


They say Halloween lives HERE. Fear Farm is Glendale's legendary spooky season event and largest outdoor haunted attraction in Greater Phoenix. This spooktacular venue is filled with 30-acres of horror - including six indoor/outdoor haunted attractions and a ten-acre corn maze. Here's a hint - attractions include the Chop House, NukeTown, Legends of the Deep, All Hallows Eve and the Outcast Carnival.

Dates: Select dates through October 31st

Where: Fear Farm Haunted Fairgrounds

When: Reservations start at 7pm


How brave are you....really? Because this place is so scary it has been featured as one of the USA's Greatest Haunts and earning itself a place on the list of the Best Haunted Houses in Arizona on Yelp. So get ready to scream. Two haunted houses, one price. And monsters around every corner. Do you have what it takes to survive the haunted mayhem?

Dates: Select dates through October 31st

When: Doors open at 6:45pm

Where: The Thompson Event Center

Cost: Prices start at $25

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