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SJ's Fur-Ever Friends: Meet Buttons (ADOPTED!)

NEW UPDATE: Buttons has been ADOPTED!!! We are so excited for this news!

UPDATE: Sadly Biscuit has passed away, but Buttons is still available for adoption.

Meet Buttons & Biscuit!

This dynamic duo are patiently waiting for their fur-ever home at the #LovePup Foundation.

Buttons is the more active, younger sibling of this Chihuahua duo coming in at 6 years old. She wants to be your bestie and told how pretty she is (she totally understands what that means and almost seems to smile at the words). She loves humans and loves her brother and just wants someone to love her back.

Biscuit is 9 and the sweetest boy imaginable. He's super laid back and just wants to snuggle. This pup has fur like a bunny! So soft and silky and there's nothing more peaceful than having this little dude curled up in your arms running your fingers through his fur.

I have to say these aren't your stereotypical Chihuahuas. Neither made a peep during our interview and both were so well-behaved and relaxed. They are truly going to be such a perfect addition to the right home.

Sadly these adopted siblings previous owner passed away. When family wasn't able to take them, the #LovePup Foundation came to the rescue and this is where they will be awaiting their new fur-ever home until they can be adopted together. Could you make these pups dreams come true?

Get all the info on Buttons & Biscuit here.

Fill out the adoption interest form here.

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