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SJ's Weekend in Five Photos

PHOTO ONE: Early Bird Gets the Worm

Best way to kick off a weekend? Hit the gym. Somehow I managed to wake up earlier on Saturday than I do on a workday and was done with my workout at Titan Fitness by 8am. #BeastMode

Titan Fitness 7am Saturday Gym Sesh

PHOTO TWO: Sweet Surprises

So I'll admit it, my birthday was a week ago. And as I creep closer to 40 than I am 30 I feel like celebrations really aren't necessary. I want to celebrate life DAILY. Not just on the day I was born. Birthdays aren't a big deal to me but who doesn't love a little surprise that make you feel like YOU are indeed, a big deal.

My best friend Tawny told me I was busy for brunch Saturday morning, but failed to mention I'd be brunching with my favorite people with my favorite food made special by the kitchen staff at on of my favorite Spokane restaurants, Remedy.

I left feeling so loved, so blessed and with the happiest belly on earth.

My favorite humans!

PHOTO THREE: Pics or it didn't happen.

My Remedy Nutella Surprise. Yes, I got to keep the Nutella.

Nutella French Toast

PHOTO FOUR: Redemption

How does one burn off four slices of Nutella French Toast? A bun burner at Knothead Loop in the pouring rain and wind with the bestie who fed it to you! Six and a half miles later and we both felt better about our gluttonous ways!

Rainy Day Hike at Knothead Loop

PHOTO FIVE: Sunday Funday

I wrapped up my weekend with more sweetness - some cotton candy, great co-workers, fantastic listeners and ALL the dogs at Riverfront Park for Sunday Funday! Join us every weekend on Sundays from 1-3pm through the end of May for the fun!

Sunday Funday at Riverfront Park

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