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SJ's Weekend in Five Photos (and one video)

The Perfect Avocado

Photo One: The Perfect Avocado

This is how I kicked off my weekend. So I knew it had to be a good one.

Side note: I've been using the Walmart Grocery app for my grocery shopping. I don't have time to wander the aisles nor do I have the money. So when a coworker who has five kids told me about their pickup service I knew I had to give it a try. I won't set foot INSIDE a Walmart, but I'm all about them bringing my shopping list TO ME. Over the course of the last couple months I have saved almost $500. My bananas are perfectly ripe. My eggs never cracked. And EVERY SINGLE AVOCADO has looked just like this.

This is what winning looks like.

Partners in Pain 5k 2019

Photo Two: Partnerless for the Partners in Pain 5k

Or was I?

I've ran this race for roughly the last four years (I say roughly because it was a really rough race the first couple go-arounds). I run it because I don't have a partner. And I like to be different. At a race that focuses on love and is held the weekend before Valentine's Day each year, I wanted to show that you DON'T need a partner to participate in this heart-breaking holiday. But this year was different.

I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of six Bloomsday Ambassadors for 2019 and my new friends are pretty fantastic. Kris, aka "Danger-D" came back to meet me after he crossed the snowy finish line on Saturday and gave me the last push I needed to finish the race. And I needed it. Snot was frozen to my face, my Yaktrax were getting ridiculously heavy on my numb feet and I could feel the breath starting to freeze in my lungs (that's what running in 14 degree temps will do to you)! It felt nice to have a friend to cross that finish line with for the first time in my Partners in Pain history. Maybe this holiday isn't so painful after all.

PS - Running Bloomsday this year? Use my promo code "SJONTHERADIO" at checkout to win cool prizes and free entrance into the 2020 race!

Puppy in a Parka

Photo Three: Puppy in a Parka

Cricket LOVES the snow. She hates that when it gets THIS cold, she is forced to wear her parka. I think she looks like a mountain adventure dog. She thinks she looks like the avocado I ate earlier on in the weekend. Either way, this parka keeps both of us happy - me because I get to watch her catch a case of the zoomies in the snow and her because she gets to play in said snow for as long as she would like. But only if she's wearing her coat. #MomOfTheYear

Netflix and Chill

Photo Four: Netflix & Chill

I spent some time doing a remote broadcast from Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolates Friday and they were gracious enough to let me take home some white chocolate covered strawberries. Let me just say, this girl is a professional at dating herself. So after playing in the snow Saturday, I cranked up the electric blanket, lit some candles, threw on my oversized VS Pink Sweatpants and treated myself to these delicious little strawberries and my favorite ice cream (it has chocolate malt balls and shoe-string french fries in it)!

Laundry Day

Photo Five: Laundry Day.

Four loads of laundry at the laundromat: $20

Having a best friend to do laundry at the laundromat with: PRICELESS

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