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SJ's Weekend in Five Pictures

Photo One: Thanksgiving Easter Egg Hunt

My parents live on a golf course so this time of the year is ideal for collecting rogue golf balls. Who knew such a simple activity could be so much fun! My pup has a fantastic sniffer and she found my Dad and I a whole bounty of golf balls...which will likely be put back right where we found them in OB next season! HA!

Golf Ball Hunt

Photo Two: Feast

If you don't post a photo of your Thanksgiving meal did it ever really even happen?

This is what my family dined on!

Thanksgiving Dinner

Photo Three: Ice, Ice, Baby

Cricket had her first experience with ice over the weekend. She still isn't sure what to think about it, but watching her discover it was a hoot! 

Cricket's First Ice Experience

Photo Four: Light it Up!

Saturday was spent at the Tree Lighting Celebration in Riverfront Park. We had a great time interacting with the listeners and ice skaters, giving away prizes, wearing 3D gingerbread man glasses and counting down to the lighting of the park's GIANT tree! Seahawks fans would approve...

Tree Lighting at Riverfront Park

Photo Five: Playing Tourist

One thing I've always wanted to do is explore downtown Spokane as a tourist would. So on Sunday I grabbed my friend Josh and we did just that! We started at Boo Radley's and laughed at all the ridiculous white elephant gift ideas, then headed down the street to Atticus Coffee to warm our hands before hitting the Ice Ribbon. We managed to get almost a full hour of skating in without injury then tried our luck throwing rings from the Looff Carousel. From there it was a foggy journey in the SkyRide to look at the falls. We finished up our Sunday funday with appetizers at Twigs overlooking the giant tree in Riverpark Square! No wonder everyone loves our city so much! It is truly spectacular!

Ice Skating

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