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Sara Jean

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SJ's Weekend in Five Pictures

Photo One: The Spokane Rennaissance Faire

I feel like perhaps I should have been born during this time in history. My pup and I fit in perfectly dressed as peasant and sheep watching the townsfolk chug beer and gobble up giant turkey legs as the local giant booped faeries on the head with his wooden hammer. 

Spokane Ren Faire

Photo Two: Party On!

My parents live in a fantastic community of retired snowbirds who love to get a little crazy on the weekends. I was lucky enough to be able to get the invite to their October Birthdays Celebration! The night consisted of games verging on the inappropriate, me chasing the chickens, horses and dogs all over the property, the silliest gift exchange I've ever witnessed and of course - FOOD. 


Photo Three: Penguin Party

You know that silly gift exchange I mentioned? Well I scored BIG TIME. I think my dog is a fan of my gift as well. 

Penguin Party!

Photo Four: Feels Like Fall

My favorite part of going home? Well, aside from getting my laundry done and filling my belly with a home cooked meal or two....It's like a mini vacation every time. This is one of the views from where my parents live. Hiking trails, fishing, golf and beauty abound.

Blanchard, Idaho

Photo Five: I Still Hate Running.

One week to go. This will be my fifth and final half marathon. This weekend I started tapering to save my legs for the big 13.1 next Sunday. So I ran 3.5 miles to see some neighborhood goats and back for a total of 7 miles. It was my best pace so far. Hopefully next weekend will be just as easy.

I Still Hate Running

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