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SJ's Weekend in Five Pictures

Photo One: Scarywood

I hit up Silverwood Theme Park Friday after work for the opening of Scarywood Haunted Nights and must say - I'm thoroughly impressed with what this year has to offer. 

We made it through all five haunts:


Blood Bayou

Pharaoh's Curse

Planet Zombie

Total Darkness

I survived ONE rollercoaster ride with the Timber Terror

And we enjoyed Nick Norton's final show of the night with Dillusion: An Eternal Encore.

Oh, and did I mention I survived Clown Town like a CHAMP?!

Scarywood's Clown Town

Photo Two: Refuel

I burned plenty of calories and got all my steps in Friday night running from Zombies but still had some pent-up energy. So after a trip to Titan Fitness I came home and helped myself to my favorite weekend treat - parmesan scrambled eggs, English muffin with jam and cookie butter, a nanner and coffee with whip cream! 


Start the Day with a Smile!

Photo Three: From Caterpillars to Butterflies

And from a hairy beast to a smooth beauty. Apparently, my face was a furry canvas just waiting to be de-fuzzed. And Elly at The Fix Brow Bar and Skincare Studio was the magician for the job. I now have Kardashian-worthy brows, a whisker-free upper lip after some major threading (and squealing...I wasn't sure if it tickled or hurt but I liked it) and the cleanest nostrils in town now that my grandpa nose hairs have been waxed. And no, that actually DOESN'T hurt. Like at all. 

Before and After

Photo Four: I Thought I Lost Her

Thomasita (aka Kai Kai Poo Poo Pants) is fifteen beautiful years young. But she's given me quite a few scares this year. Sunday taking the cake as she puked up blood all over my kitchen. Luckily for us, it was determined the blood was fresh, and likely from her losing a tooth that had been bothering her for a while now. She has since bathed multiple times and eaten more food than my dog and me combined. Each of her nine lives is giving me an equal amount of ulcers.

Kitty Cat Scares

Photo Five: Inspirational Surprises

After a rough Sunday, the pup and I needed some fresh air. I promised her a quick swim and drove her to Upriver Drive's portion of the Centennial Trail. It was there we ran into one of our favorite photographers and adventurers, Miles Bergsma. We had been Instagram buddies for a while but had never gotten the chance to meet. He had an hour to spare and we did our best to convince Cricket she needed her photo taken (which was difficult only because she caught the scent of a rogue bunny and her inner Beagle came out tenfold). But when all was said and done we got some beautiful shots, I got some more inspiration from Miles as to where to explore next and we left smiling and feeling much better about the day. 

Photo: Miles Bergsma

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