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Local Spotlight: The Spokane County Interstate Fair

Lettuce Turnip the Jam!

Looking for something to do this week? The Spokane County Interstate Fair is in full swing and in my honest opinion...this year is the best yet! This year's theme? "Lettuce Turnip the Jam!" And that they did. Here's a sneak peek into my experience at the fair this year to inspire you to load up the car with the fam and head for the fairgrounds!

Stop #1: Bull Riding.

I tried my hand at an 8-second ride. I thought I passed until I saw the video and asked why it was in slow motion. Nope. I just fell off before they kicked it into high gear! 


Stop #2: FAIR FOOD!

Have you ever had a cotton candy burrito? I didn't think so. Neither had I. But my inner five-year-old has never been so happy. And I mean EVER.  What's in a cotton candy burrito you ask? Well, take a whole bag of cotton candy. Flatten it out like a tortilla. Add vanilla ice cream, fruit loops, sprinkles and whip cream. Roll that baby up, cut her in half and let the sugar sweats commence.

TIP: For added sweetness, have some deep-fried cookie dough for dessert. YOLO!

Cotton Candy Burrito
Cotton Candy Burrito Taste Test
Deep-Fried Cookie Dough

Stop #3: ALL the Animals!

No lions, tigers or bears here. But you will find porcupines, baby cows, reptiles of all colors and sizes, and...if you look hard enough, you'll likely find me curled up in one of the pens kissing all the furry and scaley faces. 

Snake Whisperer
Is it an alligator or crocodile? I don't care. It's cute.
Albino Snake!

Stop #4 - Concert Time!

I feel like you just can't get the full gist of how awesome the fair is without taking in some of the amazing entertainment they have to offer. This year's grandstands are busy with some GREAT acts. It was hard to choose, but Old Dominion on a Monday night was my pick!  

Stop #5 - Late Night Carnival Fun

I didn't win any stuffed animals but I've got memories that will last much longer! Thanks SpoCo Fair!

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