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Boot Camp Progress Report - Before & After Pics

Before and After

First Pic: 2017

Second Pic: 4 weeks ago

Third Pic: This morning.

Something happened in the last four weeks - my abs decided to show up!

I started boot camp with Titan Fitness eight weeks ago. I was....fluffy. But the cheer was gone from my chubby. My plump was no longer pleasant. And I was no longer content being THAT kind of curvy. I was looking more like a pot-hole filled gravel road than a winding highway. 

This is where Joe and Travis from Titan Fitness enter the picture. I go to the gym three times a week. For an hour. That's three hours. And in that three hours I'm building not only muscle and stamina...but confidence. 

I ran the St. Paddy's Day Five Miler on Sunday. 

I PR'd by almost ten minutes. (Last year I finished at 55.56 minutes. This year I finished at 46.18).

And I'm no longer doing push-ups on my knees. 

Diet also has a HUGE part in this. Joe has me intermittent fasting and drinking 100 oz of water a day. My fasting schedule has been 18/6 (I stop eating at 8pm each night and start eating at 2pm the next day) and one day a week with a full 24-hour fast (usually Sunday to Monday). I make sure to exercise (even if it's just walking the pup) in my last hour of fasting each day for optimal results. 

Are you ready to become Titan Strong? Contact Joe HERE.

Four weeks to go!

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