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How to Celebrate the Super Blue Blood Moon

You heard about this morning's Super Blue Blood Moon...and it may have confused you. According to NASA’s website, the super blood blue moon is a once-in-150-years event we were lucky enough to witness.

In light of this, I wanted to help you make full use of this amazing day. And even if you missed the eclipse this morning, it's still a super blue moon which means an energy shift is still happening and you can still benefit from it!

First let's break down what happened.

A Super Moon

The moon is going to be closer to Earth, creating a stronger gravitational pull. It will have a strong effect in your personal power.

A Blue Moon

It is the second full moon in a month and is more powerful than a regular full moon. Ever hear the term "once in a blue moon?" There's a reason for that. 

A Blood Moon

This is a lunar eclipse, a good time to get rid of the old and welcome the new.

So if we add them all we would have a perfect day for leaving old habits and welcoming in the new!

Some things you can do today to take advantage!

Set new intentions: Is there a change you'd like to see in your life? A new goal you'd like to set? Something you'd like to achieve? Now is the time to take the reigns and GO FOR IT! Write it down, create a new mantra. Whatever you do, take action today!

Out with the old: Whether it be toxic relationships and friendships, a social media account, all the old clothes you don't wear in your is the perfect day to rid yourself of anything weighing you down!

Recharge: Draw a warm bath and make sure to use Epsom salts and essential oils to add to this cleansing ritual. My favorite for the full moon are chamomile, sandalwood, lemongrass and frankincense. Add some candles, maybe some incense. Turn on some soothing music and RELAX.

Learn something new: Even if it's just about the historical value of such a special lunar event. Check out this article I stumbled upon from The Daily Evergreen (WSU's student newspaper). Pretty interesting stuff about superstitions and religions and why today is so special. 

Get creative: Today as the energy shifts you may find yourself feeling extra artsy! Pull out that paintbrush or sketch pad. Write that short story. Weave that dream-catcher. Your mind will thank you!

Get busy: And yes, I mean in the bedroom. Looking to start a family? Old moon lore tells us that this is the best time to conceive! Especially if you want a boy....

But most importantly just take a moment to breath. To smile and laugh. To let go of stresses and irritation and aggression. This only happens once in a blue moon after all!



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