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The Adventures of SJ & Cricket: Troy, Montana

Mission: Escape the city for one last breath of fresh air before the snow hinders our travels.

Result: A quick jaunt back to Troy, Montana, at a property we'd stayed at a year ago. Only this time we gave the Airbnb host's new cabin a try!

Troy, Montana is a mere 2.5 hours drive from Spokane, but feels like a world away. It's one of those little towns I always say I could see myself living in, although the locals would probably say I'm crazy. But I love those little villages. The ones nestled among the trees and mountains. The ones that pop up out of nowhere as you maneuver along empty highways. The ones with no stoplights and one gas station and maybe one grocery store. That's Troy. 

Our Airbnb was situated right on the banks of the Kootenai River. And it's raging this time of year. What a glorious sound to fall asleep to. For less than $60 a night (before booking and cleaning fees) we made ourselves at home in Wily Red's Cabin - complete with everything we needed and then some. Bunk beds. Stove top. Microwave. Sink. Toilet. Heat. Twinkle lights. And a magical ambiance sure to please the rustic traveler or the more whimsical. 

Apparently my rustic whimsy invited a guest in my absence. My host writing me to tell me a bald eagle has made himself at home on the deck of the cabin we stayed in. I like to think I left a little magic in my wake. 

Check out the photos below!

Book the Airbnb HERE (check out ALL of Tish's cabins while you're there). 

The next day was all for exploring! Just a few miles up the road from our cabin you find Kootenai Falls and the swinging bridge. The falls are one of the largest free-flowing waterfalls in the PNW, dropping 90-feet in less than a mile with such force you can't help but feel the surge of power rocking through the canyon walls. The area is quite sacred - once being home to the Kootenai Indians and is known as a ground full of spiritual forces. 

The dirt trail to the falls meanders through the cedars and has plenty of places to stop for a photo op or for a snack. It passes over an enclosed pedestrian bridge to cross the railroad tracks (side note - dogs may struggle on the steps leading up to the bridge due to the large tracking gaps. I had to carry prepared for a larger dog). Once across you can go left to the swinging bridge or right to the falls. Both trails are less than a mile. Crossing the swinging bridge may not be for everyone and only five people are allowed on the bridge at a time...I honestly wouldn't recommend more than two! Tell you what, though, it's worth the adrenaline rush. Ask my pup! She acted like she'd won the lotto after making it to the other side! 

More photos below!

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