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Pinterest Win or Fail: Woodland Creature Ornaments

PINTEREST ATTEMPT: Woodland Creature Ornaments

I consider myself a pretty creative gal. Painting and sketching are my thing. The outdoors are my thing. So after finding some cute pins for woodland creature ornaments I knew they would look FANTASTIC on my cabin-in-the-woods themed Christmas tree. 

Here are the original posts that I would be attempting to follow:

Wooden Slice & Pebbles

3-D Painted Woodland Ornaments

And the photos below are what I was attempting to create:

Woodland Slice & Pebbles
3-D Painted Woodland Ornaments

A quick trip to the arts & crafts store after work and $50 later I had my supplies. 

- Wood slice

- Paint

- Clear glass ornaments 

- Felt

- Stones

- Glue gun & glue

- Twine

- Scissors

My pup Cricket brought in a stick from our evening walk to help with the crafting as well.


So to be completely honest I didn't read the instructions for either craft. I looked at the pictures and went for it. Ain't nobody got time for step-by-step instructions.

I painted the first color onto the glass ornaments and realized I had no place to let them dry without rolling around. So needless to say it took a couple coats of paint. And patience. Which I don't have. I wanted to paint color number two and had no way to hold the ornament without smudging color number one. By the time my little faces were complete I had more paint on me than the ornaments did. And I must mention - painting a round surface IS NOT THE SAME as a canvas. *sigh*

Ornaments before ears.

I'm also not the best at cutting but I think my little felt ears turned out okay!

Felt Ears

My wood slice ornament was much easier to's a flat surface after all! I glued the stick, painted the rocks like little owls, painted snow on the stick and some branches onto the slice with snowflakes and boom! 

Wood Slice'd I do?!

Final Product!


COST & TIME: FAIL - It took me two hours and $50 to make four ornaments...The Dollar Store would've likely sufficed.

PRESENTATION: WIN - I must say, they are pretty stinking cute. 

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