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Sara Jean

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GET OUTSIDE: Sara Jean's Hike of the Week


Distance: 6.6 Miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Elevation Gain: 864'

Dog Friendly: No :(

Discover Pass Required: Yes

Getting There: The Knothead Trail is accessible from either the intersection of Highway 291 and North River Park Lane, or the Indian Painted Rocks Trailhead from Rutter Parkway.

Tips: Bring bug spray and be sure to hydrate!

Start your hike at the Indian Painted Rocks Trailhead. Follow alongside the river until you reach the intersection with the road and cross heading to the beginning of the Knothead Trail. From here the hike gains it's elevation and the cool air from the Little Spokane River fades into a dry heat. Follow the well-marked trail up to the top of the ridge for great views of the winding river below. There's a bench to enjoy a picnic or just take a few selfies. From there you will head back down the backside of Knothead into the valley below. Remnants of the forest fire that closed the trail a couple years ago remain, and have resulted in beautiful vegetation, wildflowers and a lot of wildlife. The trail then turns into an old road which you will follow until you reach Rutter Pkwy and then the parking lot you started in. 

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