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How to Stuff Your Face for Restaurant Week

It's Restaurant Week. And I was really hoping to experience 3-5 amazing three-course menus this year but sadly time hasn't been on my side and I was only able to make reservations once. Last night my girlfriends and I got together for steak and deliciousness at Spencer's. And oh my goodness, they didn't disappoint!

While you would think three courses were enough we couldn't help but order some extras off the regular menu - like the amazing Oysters on the Half Shell. Complete with baby bottle of Tobasco and Seaweed Salad!

The calamari was unlike any I'd had before. I have NO IDEA what the green dressing is. They call it a scallion vinaigrette. Add in some feta, olives, tomato and cucumber and it was DIVINE.

The bread. You don't even need the butter. It melts in your mouth as is.

Okay back to the restaurant week menu. I chose the Six Onion Soup as my first course. Complete with an onion in the middle. The gruyere crust was thick and toasted to perfection. I would have licked the bowl if it were socially acceptable.

For my second course I went with the Petit Filet and Colossal Prawn. My steak was perfectly pink and could have been cut with a spoon it was so tender. The prawn was full of flavor and the brocollini....ehhhh who likes veggies anyway.

Oh. My. God. The Pistachio and Orange Blossom Creme Brulee. It tasted like cotton candy. I love cotton candy. This time I did lick the bowl. Without shame.

You thought I was done didn't you? Nope. You don't go to Spencer's without ordering the White Cheddar Mac n Cheese...with CANDIED BACON. This will be lunch today. Because perfection shouldn't only be celebrated once.

The End.

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