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How to Take A Mental Health Day

Some days we all have one of those days....

A day where it all comes crashing down. All it takes is one small thing. The straw that breaks the camel's back. You're ugly crying at the fact that you ran out of coffee creamer. You stub your toe and remember curse words even Satan wouldn't use. You can't do anything right. Everyone irritates you. YOU irritate you.

It's one of those days where all you want to do is go into hiding. Turn off the phone. Say eff-it to your responsibilities. You want to stay in your sweats and eat unhealthy food and wallow in your own self pity.

Yep, we've all been there. I've been finding myself having these days more often then I'd like to admit lately.

Blame it on the long winter. Blame it on working two jobs. Blame it on stretching myself too thin. Whatever the reason, sometimes you just have to ALLOW yourself to have a bad day. And take full advantage of it.

Every once and awhile when it seems like your world is falling apart, you've GOT to take a ME DAY. A mental health day. A day to give the world the middle finger and heal.

And don't you DARE feel guilty about it.

Use a sick day at work. Skip class. Give the kids to your mom. Whatever responsibilities you had that day, put them off until tomorrow. 


Your work, your classmates, your kids....they are going to benefit from you getting your head on straight in the long run. And you're not going to go out and assault anyone. Which is always a good thing. 

But now what? 

This is how to have a successful mental health day.


Turn off the damn cell phone. Don't you dare log on to Facebook. Taking a ME day means no other distractions. Not worrying about other people. Your friends can text you for advice tomorrow. Those social statuses will still be there once you feel better. Don't give in to the FOMO. Take a deep breath and TURN IT OFF.


No alarm necessary. Fluff up the pillows, make the bed, throw on your comfiest sweats and toss the bra on the floor. Then crawl into those sheets and turn off your brain. Count sheep if you have to. My go-to is picturing a hammock on a beach. I pretend I can feel the sun and smell the salt and I count each time the hammock sways back and forth in the breeze. BOOM. Passed out. 


Today, it's okay to eat your feelings. Yep. Order that Chinese food or that pizza. Eat some ice cream in bed. My last mental health day consisted of Easy Cheese on crackers, guacamole and Pringles, Pizza Rolls, oreos and my favorite birthday cake ice cream. I spread it out on the coffee table like a buffet and I went to town. You can get back to the healthy eating tomorrow. You deserve a day to indulge. You hear me? YOU DESERVE IT.


Watch something that will lighten your attitude. A season of Friends. A silly movie you'd never admit to loving like Twilight. LAUGH. Laugh out loud! And Hell, if you really feel it necessary throw on something sad or something that tugs on the heartstrings and CRY. Let it out, man. That's part of keeping yourself sane. You've got to get all snot-nosed and emotional now and again.


But don't force yourself to do it. Sometimes though a good vaccuum sesh or pan scrubbing can release some tension and anger. And it's likely you're behind on some chores because you've been running yourself to the point of exhaustion lately. And those little messes are starting to stress you out. Get rid of them. It'll help get rid of the stress.


Dive DEEP into that book you've been too busy to read. Get out the paintbrush and go to town on that canvas. Give yourself a facial and a pedicure. Start knitting that cute hat you saw on Pinterest. Bake those cookies you've been wanting to try - from scratch. Put together that 1000 piece puzzle.


But not at the gym. We are avoiding people today, remember? Take the pup on an extra long walk on that trail you've been wanting to check out. Go for a jog. Do that silly yoga workout that's been collecting dust in your DVD player. Go to the playground and hop on the swings. Get the blood pumping. BREATH. 


"It was a sunset that taught me beauty may only last a few moments. It was a sunrise that taught me that all it takes is a little patience to experience it all over again."

Tomorrow is another day. Take this moment to reflect. To be grateful for what you have. Life gets hard. But you are in full control of making it better. Find that silver lining. I'm assuming you have a roof over your head. Food in your fridge. Clothes on your back. People that love you. A pet that considers you their whole world. And best of all you have YOU. And that person cares enough about you to give you a day off every once and awhile. To let you recharge without guilt and regret. 

Your mental health is important. Cause nobody looks good when they ugly cry. 

Be good to yourself, friends. 

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