Girlfriends: The Way You Put On Your Bra Says THIS About You

Ladies, how your put your bra on reveals things about your personality. For instance, if you put your arms through before clasping it in the back, you are a get-things-done person. If you clasp it in the back, then put your arms through, you are dependable and nurturing. If you clasp your bra and then step into it (WT???), you’re a glass-half-full type. Clasping your bra in the front and twisting it around indicates a person who is obsessed with personal presentation. And according to Cosmopolitan magazine, if you clasp it before pulling it over your head you are very relaxed and love simple things. I always thought everyone put theirs on like I do: clasp in front and twist around, like Mom taught me! Apparently, I've been doing it all wrong!


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Melissa Sharpe

Melissa Sharpe

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