Selma Blair Canes Her MS On The Red Carpet!

Being scrutinized constantly as a celebrity must be tough for anyone, and the stress likely increases exponentially when someone has a health or personal issue. Selma Blair took the brave step of walking the red carpet on Sunday after sharing her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis with fans. 

MS is an unpredictable, often debilitating disease of the central nervous system, which can affect the brain, spinal cord, optic nerves and can handicap those who are affected by it.

Blair attended with her manager Troy Nankin, whom she thanked in an emotional Instagram post on Monday. She wrote: “There are moments that define us. This is one of those indelibly watermarked in my heart. This is #troynankin ; my former publicist turned manager , best friend , and fake husband. We joke. I have become a different woman in the last few years, through struggles and the intense pride of motherhood. @vanityfair has always been a champion of mine, like Troy. And yet, I have not fully realized my capabilities as an actress. I wanted to be at this red carpet to remember my first time attending with a not yet famous friend, @jakegyllenhaal . I believed in him and his career and wanted him there. And this dinner always symbolizes so much. And I kept going because it was always a night in Hollywood that was full of Hollywood dreams with all the talent present in their glory. I loved to watch. I was invited this year. I am featured in March issue.”

She continued: “So this was a streak of light. To say I am here. I am still in an exacerbation so there was some nervousness. I don’t do anything the way I was once able. I will though. I can regain much. Mommas gotta work. And I will be able to do so much more on my own, But this man. Until that comes ...This man and a host of others light the way and hold the moon @thetexastroya was a hero. Wanting me to shine brightly in a time that can be so challenging. He knew I wanted to be able to stand proudly as the woman I have become and hope to be. To be a part of something so special when my body won’t move clearly yet. And then I felt the love from the photographers who have watched me goof around on red carpets since I was in my twenties. I felt the warmth of the bulbs. The strength of my gown. His attentive touch. And still I hoped my brain could send signals for the remainder of my time there. And I sobbed. And I appreciated every single second. Every surprising tear, he was there. As he has always been. And that is the reason I could. Thank you Troy. We got me just where I wanted to be. For a night. And I later pushed my way into a family photo with @dianaross (omg) .So much to post but not before this one. True love. Right here. Forever.”


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