What Is Your Oddly Specific Fear?

A Reddit thread yesterday (January 8th) asked: "What's an oddly specific fear of yours?" Some of the replies include:

  • That someone is hiding under my car and is going to slice my Achilles’ tendon when I go to unlock the door
  • That I'll die in the shower and my family will find me naked.
  • Walking barefoot onto a used syringe needle. Recurring dream for some reason.
  • Looking at mirrors in the dark or when I'm alone in the bathroom.
  • I have a phobia that I'm going to go ice skating one day, slip on the ice, my hand will lay out, and someone will skate over my hand and slice my fingers off.
  • I hate walking up staircases where the back/space between the stairs is open. It feels like I’m going to slip through. (Not a huge fan of stairs in general, TBH)
  • I'm trying to think if I have one. I guess it would be reaching into the garbage disposal for a spoon and having it mysteriously turn on!! ~Melissa

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Melissa Sharpe

Melissa Sharpe

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