What To Do If You've Had TOO Much Coffee

Many people can’t get through their day without coffee, but what if you have too much? Dr. Jennifer Wider tells Women’s Health Magazine that drinking or eating too much caffeine can cause you to feel hyper-alert, anxious and jittery. People should limit their caffeine intake to no more than 400 milligrams a day, according to the USDA. For the record an eight-ouch cup of breakfast blend coffee has about 92 milligrams of caffeine, so you’ll reach the daily limited at about four cups of that type of coffee. If you accidentally overdo it you should first start drinking water as Wider says this can “ease some of the symptoms caused by an overdose and help the body efficiently eliminate it.” You could also do some mild exercise to help your body metabolize the caffeine faster, and eat food with potassium or magnesium, as caffeine wipes out those nutrients. But if you experience difficulty breathing, confusion, chest pain, vomiting, a super-fast, irregular heartbeat, or convulsions you may have truly overdosed on caffeine and should seek medical attention. 


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