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He Was Kicking My Dog In The Face!

When Buddy and I are in Prescott, we love going to the Beneful Dog Park on Willow Creek Rd. The park was made possible by the Beneful dog food company (not an ad) and a local resident. It's a $500,000 prize that Beneful awards in its Dream Dog Park Renovation Project. Prescott's was the fourth half a mil dog park renovation in the country. It was Linda and her dog, Callie's design...loving dogs and our firefighters as they do, the park got a Fire Department theme! Buddy loves the regular pals he sees there, and I like all the people...until the other day.

Buddy and I are hanging with our pals when I notice an older gentleman ( you'll be mad at me for calling him that) kicking Buddy in the face. Repeatedly!! The man's dog was still on a lease, and from what I could see, the guy didn't like Buddy sniffing his dog, so he was trying to KICK BUDDY AWAY! I mean as hard as he could! I immediately headed over with Buddy's leash. I said, "You're making him more aggressive by kicking at him. Let me get him." The man was yelling, "He won't leave my dog alone." Well, no. you're at a DOG PARK! I didn't say that (you'll be mad at me for not). What I did say was, "That side is for the small dogs." He flipped me OFF, told me some choice words, and left. (Not before I snapped a shot of his license plate ) 

Who could kick this face???

Well, let me tell you. It's a good thing he decided to take his poor doggie (can you imagine THAT dog's life) and leave, because everyone was on their feet at how Mr. Elderly Gentleman was treating me and Buddy! This is "Murica!" You don't go kicking folks' dogs! Am I right??

Buddy with his pals

Phew!! Got that off my chest! But here's some other stuff to think about at the Dog Park (any dog park).

Clean up after YOUR dog, and maybe even someone else's!
Disregard this one at your own peril!

And if you're looking for a new pet, please Adopt, Don't Shop. Buddy came from the #LovePup Foundation. A local Valley dog rescue that gave him a great chance at this cushy life he has!

LOOK at that sweet face!

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