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What NOT To Leave In The Car In This HEAT!

I've lived in Arizona since the early 80s. And if there's one thing I've learned, it's that a hot seat belt buckle can leave a permanent brand on flesh! But over the years, I've had kids leave things in the car, and I've left things that have made a mess. Here, some long-time desert dwellers give you their best advice on what to NOT leave in a hot car. Obviously, this is besides children and pets, which should never be left in a hot car! ~Melissa

Kandy and Kate: lipstick or chapstick!

Joy: CD's (or back in the day) cassette tapes!

Joye: Crayons! I know that one from experience. We never got the blue out of the backseat!

Kim: Make-up!

Marty: electronics, phones!

Steve: ink pens and chocolate chip cookies!

And perhaps the absolute WORST thing to leave in a hot car: Sealed soda cans! Oh yes, more than one person mentioned soda cans, but John's story was the saddest:

"I had that happen in Texas. Was driving my brand new 1989 Pontiac Grand Am. Left the car parked in the sun, with an unopened can of Dr. Pepper on the seat. When I came back, I thought, what's all that brown stuff on the windshield? Turns out it was on the inside, where the can sprayed until it let the rest soak into the seat." OH NOOOO!

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