Lindsey B And Christine McV Are Headed This Way

Upon Christine McVie re-joining Fleetwood Mac again in time for their 2014 tour, she sniffed the band out about coming back after a 16-year hiatus. Lindsey Buckingham revealed to The Guardian that he offered his bandmate a pointed ultimatum upon her return to the Mac, recalling, "I don’t think she assumed we’d necessarily be okay with it -- we had been doing quite well as a four-piece. I think she was trying to nose around to see if there was any openness to it before she got too assertive or specific about it. I had to have a conversation with Christine and say: 'Well, we’d love you to come back, but you can’t leave again.'" The pair's first album as a duo -- Lindsey Buckingham / Christine McVie -- will be released on Friday (June 9th). Then, they'll be here July 25 at Comerica Theatre!

Almost immediately new music began blossoming amongst the Fleetwood Mac bandmates: "She told me she’d been reconnecting with her creative muse and had some rough ideas she sent to me -- I, of course, took great liberties with them in my studio. And she was interested in these songs I’d been working on, and Mick (Fleetwood) and John (McVie) thought it would be good to bring her over early and cut tracks on some of these things. It was unbelievable. We only expected to do it for a couple of weeks but we stayed for a month. Nobody was saying it was a duet album -- we didn’t care what it was."


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