Violins of Hope ... featuring violins of the Holocaust

Violins of Hope tells the remarkable stories of violins played by Jewish musicians during the Holocaust. Each violin has its own unique and inspiring story that educates both young and old about the Holocaust in a deeply personal and emotional way. Today these instruments serve not only as powerful reminders of an unimaginable experience but also reinforce key lessons of tolerance, inclusion, and diversity that are essential for today and for future generations.

The Violins of Hope have been featured in books, print, film and television. They have been used in lectures and educational programs and their stories and messages have impacted hundreds of thousands of individuals. They have been played in concert halls and exhibited in museums throughout the world and they will be in Phoenix beginning early February – March 26. Through concerts, exhibition and education our community will have a variety of ways to experience Violins of Hope.

Violins of Hope will be one of the largest programs in Maricopa County, reaching between 30,000 to 50,000 people, including upwards of 25,000 students, bringing non-profit arts groups and other agencies together to collaborate on this project.

I spoke with Co-chairs Julee Landau and Rachel Hoffer about this amazing program for our Valley Views public affairs program.  Listen here and get a complete schedule of events and purchase tickets for the ticketed events at

Violins of Hope