Madonna Tells Ellen K the Gifts That She Loves to Receive

It's officially Madonna's birthday and the Ellen K Morning Show is still reeling over the chance to speak with Madonna shortly after her Billboard performance this year. The Like a Virgin singer is gearing up to kick off her Madame X tour in celebration of the release of her 14th studio album. The tour is taking the non-traditional route this time around and instead of performing at venues such as a coliseum - Madame X, is opting to have a theater tour.

The Sun reported that “Madonna is really excited about performing her new music and has spared no expense with the production.” 

Excited fans can also expect to see, “the usual army of dancers, slick lighting and even some pyrotechnics.” 

When asked why she's deciding to pursue theater shows, her answer was quite simple:

"Because I never did it before," she stated. After a moment, Madonna then went on to exclaim her love for the space.

"I love theater. I love the magic of the theater and I actually like the limitations that are imposed on you. How you have to just make magic work in this tiny little jewel box."

Continuing her conversation with Ellen K, Madonna was asked what everyday item does she desperately need due to her hectic schedule. The answer may surprise you, but it comes down to a counter top appliance as simple as a toaster. Apparently, the artist loves her share of burnt toast.

Reading fortunates is a fun little bit that the Ellen K morning show enjoys doing, which came as a shocker to Madonna. Ellen K will grab a fortune cookie and opened it for the first time on air finding a variety of fortunate words. It's safe to say the Material Girl was even more caught off guard after hearing the message.

"You think that it's a secret, but it has never been one," the cookie read.

"That can mean so many things," she replied in confusion.

Ellen K then moved on to ask Madonna's about her friendship with Diplo who appears in her tour announcement video below.

"Oh yeah, he's crazy. I love him... I want to slap him all of the time, but I love him. We have that kind of relationship."

This tour was an instant hit here in Los Angeles, selling out five of her Los Angeles shows in just about an hour. Fan can expect to see a lot from this show, but it's the history of the name Madame X that is very intriguing.

The name has been with Madonna for a while.

"Isn't that crazy. I thought about from time to time throughout the years. Then, I was in a recording studio in London and I was talking to Jeremy Scott, the designer, and ... I played him some songs from all over the world. Different feelings, different vibes ...

"I was like, 'this is Madame X' and I just recounted the story of Martha Graham giving me that name when I was 19 because I would not conform to the uniform or behavior of the dancers in her school, even though I totally respected and admired her. So it seemed fitting to in a way come full circle and call this record Madam X."

"I felt very much like that 19-year old girl...not knowing anybody and in a way starting over," she told the show.

The songs on the latest album have spoken to people on a deeper level and Ellen wanted to dig in on what some of them meant.

"With I Rise, I love the lyric, 'see the tragic in it, see the magic in it.' So is that about getting through the tough times? I know you said that you wrote it for marginalized people. So that lyric, is that about finding the positive?" She asked the trendsetter.

"All marginalized people are people who have to rise up against whatever oppression their experiencing," Madonna answered.

Madonna then went on to discuss her love for story telling and how important it is to pass on tales.

"There's a whole new generation obviously that didn't live through a lot of the things that I lived through that helped shape me as a human being and an artist," she said.

"It's important to share those stories."

Check out the interview with Madonna below and in celebration of her special day, find out all of the goodies that she wants for her birthday!


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