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Study: These Are The Top Dating App Dealbreakers

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new study on dating app dealbreakers reveals that one in five women will automatically reject a man who says he’s a vegan on his profile. The research was done by Alexander - his last name is being kept private - a behavioral and cognitive neuroscience grad student who’s passionate about information gathering and turned to social media for input. He asked his more than 18-thousand Twitter followers about their biggest dealbreakers and narrowed it down to 483 men and women with an average age of 32.

Alexander collected 130 different dealbreakers, then had users rate them and he’s sharing the ones that received a five out of five, meaning they would lead to an immediate swipe-left rejection.

  • He found that the biggest dealbreakers aren’t surprising - for example, the overwhelming majority of women say no to men who show violence, sexual or bigoted content in their dating app profiles.
  • As for the fellas, they’re highly unlikely to want to go out with a woman who uses her dating profile to promote her OnlyFans.
  • But after that, the responses get less predictable. More than a quarter of both men and women agree that anyone who lists their preferred pronouns is an automatic no.

Top dealbreakers for men include

  • Nearly half of men (45%) won’t date a single mom.
  • Women who lead off with a laundry list of things they don’t want in a mate - and don’t articulate what they do want - are a nope for 53% of guys.
  • Listing height requirements is a turn-off for a third of men, including those who meet the requirement.
  • Excessive makeup is a dealbreaker for 16% of men and one in five say a woman with a septum piercing is an absolute turnoff.
  • Only 8% of men have a problem with women with tattoos.

Women’s top dealbreakers include:

  • Nearly two-thirds (62%) of women will reject a “negatively framed profile.”
  • Women are more accepting of single dads, as only 27% say they wouldn’t date a single father.
  • Guys may want to keep their shirts on in photos, as 17% of women will reject a shirtless man, finding it unsexy.
  • Poor grammar is a dealbreaker for 22% of women.
  • Nearly one in five women will immediately swipe left on men who include a pic with a bunch of women and the same number of women also say no to male profiles with filtered photos.
  • Only 10% of women would actually reject men who pose with fish they’ve caught, despite these so-called “bass-anovas” being mocked online.
  • “Hat-fishing,” or men who wear hats in all their profile photos, presumably to hide their bald head, is only rejected by 5% of women.

Source: NY Post

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