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The Most Expensive Cities To Live Alone

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After Valentine’s Day, we all know how expensive dating can be, but it turns out, being single can be pretty pricey, too, especially when it comes to housing. A new study from Zillow finds that single people who live alone in a one-bedroom in the U.S. pay a “singles tax” of close to $7-thousand. That’s an average across the country, but that amount can be much more, depending on where they live.

Using data from StreetEasy, Zillow has determined New York City is the most expensive place to live as a single person. Across all boroughs, singles pay an average of $19,500 ($19-thousand 500) more a year for a one-bedroom, compared to someone living with a partner in the same area. That number rises to close to $24-thousand in Manhattan, making it the most expensive borough.

  • San Francisco isn’t far behind, their “singles tax for a one-bedroom apartment is $14-thousand.
  • Of the 50 biggest cities by population, the lowest “singles tax” is found in Cleveland at $4,387 and Detroit at $4,483.
  • Of course, singles can avoid this “tax” altogether if they live with a roommate, but this research focuses on those living alone in a one-bedroom.

Top 10 Places With the Highest “Singles Tax”

  1. New York City - One-bedroom price $3,250, “Singles Tax” $19,500
  2. San Francisco - One-bedroom price $2,352, “Singles Tax” $14,114
  3. San Jose - One-bedroom price $2,067, “Singles Tax” $12,401
  4. San Diego - One-bedroom price $1,962, “Singles Tax” $11,774
  5. Boston - One-bedroom price $1,924, “Singles Tax” $11,546
  6. Washington, D.C. - One-bedroom price $1,917, “Singles Tax” $11,501
  7. Seattle - One-bedroom price $1,800, “Singles Tax” $10,799
  8. Los Angeles - One-bedroom price $1,652, “Singles Tax” $9,913
  9. Miami - One-bedroom price $1,541 “Singles Tax” $9,248
  10. Honolulu - One-bedroom price $1,540, “Singles Tax” $9,241

Source: NY Post

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