Couple Marries On Plane After Flight To Elope Canceled

Photo: AFP

An Oklahoma couple who decided to elope in Las Vegas threw together their wedding plans in about a week. Jeremy Salda and Pam Patterson took care of all the necessary arrangements, reserving an appointment for a marriage license, booking a hotel near the Strip, and booking tickets for a flight. The bride even bought a wedding dress for $200 online.

But all their plans came crashing down when their flight was canceled two days later. So the couple rebooked with a different airline, this time with a connection out of Texas. By the time they made it to the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, the bride and groom - who had worn their wedding attire to the airport because they would be pinched for time when they arrived in Vegas - had their flight delayed several times, before being canceled altogether. Luckily, an ordained minister heard their story and offered to marry them if they missed their wedding appointment.

So the three of them found a flight on Southwest Airlines and rushed to Love Field Airport to catch it. Pam says running through the airport in her wedding gown was “like a scene from a movie,” but they finally made it onto the plane. And that’s when their plans took another turn.

  • The pilot asked if they were getting married in Vegas and Pan replied, “We’re going to try, but if not, I’m just going to get married on this plane.”
  • The flight crew thought that was a good idea and got to work decorating the cabin with toilet paper streamers, downloading “Here Comes the Bride” and chilling champagne.
  • Once they were at cruising altitude, the lights were dimmed and the minister the couple met only hours before married them in front of a plane full of strangers.
  • The newlyweds danced in the airplane aisle to Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” and a passenger gave them a mini doughnut for a wedding cake.
  • Passengers signed a notebook as a guest book and one said they felt like they “just watched a rom-com.”

Source: People

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