Wife Says She’ll Leave If Husband Doesn’t Accept Nickname

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A husband and wife are in a huge fight over something rather unusual - her nickname. It seems that when she was born, her parents planned to call their sonMichael, but when they had a daughter instead, they used it as her nickname. She’s gone by Michael all her life and introduces herself this way, so it’s safe to say she likes the name. And her husband did too, at least when they met. But now he admits that he finds the nickname annoying and he wants her to stop using it.

“It’s no longer cute and just teeth grinding annoying to hear the name Michael throughout our marriage,” he explains in a since-deleted Reddit post. He even asked her if she would start going by what he considers a “femenine nickname likeMichelle,” but she shot him down. This disagreement soon turned into a fight and he told his wife she’s not taking his feelings into account … about HER name!

The fighting led to her telling him to leave and when he didn’t, she packed a bag and went to her brother’s house. When the husband called to talk to her about it, he asked for the sake of their marriage to stop using the nickname and she hung up on him. Now she says she’ll leave him if he doesn’t accept it, but he’s not willing to, so he’s asking Reddit if he’s wrong for not wanting his wife to be called Michael. And most users are NOT on his side with this one:

  • “The only person who matters here is your wife as it is her choice as to what to be called,” explains one Redditor. “And if she is introducing herself and perfectly happy with the name Michael, then that’s it!”
  • “She’s had the name her whole life and embraces it,” writes another. “She was Michael when you met her, she was Michael when you proposed. She was Michael when you got married. She is Michael. You are the problem.”
  • “You’re going to lose your wife over a name - shows how much you actually love her,” comments another. “She deserves so much better.”


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