Safe Ways To Do Halloween This Year

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Halloween is just a few weeks away and while it won’t be like pre-pandemic Halloweens of the past, kids will be able to get out and enjoy the spooky night this year. The CDC has given trick-or-treaters a green light, but we still need to take some precautions, especially for the kids under 12 who can’t get vaccinated yet.

Here’s what doctors recommend for a safe and fun Halloween 2021:

  • Dress smart- If you’re trick-or-treating or going to a party, incorporate a mask into your costume. But pediatricianDr. Krupa Playforthpoints out that a mask that comes with a costume, like a superhero, isn’t considered effective when it comes to COVID transmission.
  • Prep your treats- If you’re handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, consider putting it into individual bags so each kid can grab one and go, rather than reaching into a big bowl of candy.
  • Stick to small groups- Crowds and close contact are still a concern, so keep your group size as small as possible. Since trick-or-treating is an outdoor activity, the risk of transmission is lower, but it’s not zero.
  • Don’t let kids eat candy on the go- It’s hard for kids to resist eating a piece of their favorite candy while they’re out and about, but doctors advise washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before eating or touching any candy.
  • Have a candy hunt inside your house- If your little ones aren’t trick-or-treating, do an indoor scavenger hunt with candy hidden around the house.
  • Check out what your city is offering- Churches, libraries and community centers may be hosting COVID-friendly Halloween events, but you should still avoid large indoor events and crowds. “Don’t be afraid to be outside, let your kids have fun trick-or-treating in small groups,” saysDr. Noah Greenspan, a cardiopulmonary physical therapist. “And if you are in close proximity to others, maintain as much distance as possible and wear a mask.”
  • Have a virtual or indoor backup plan- If the weather keeps you from trick-or-treating or someone in your family can’t go, have a stay-at-home backup plan in place so you can still celebrate. You could host a Zoom costume party, tell ghost stories under blankets with flashlights or watch some of your favorite Halloween-themed movies and of course, eat candy.

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