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Worried Daughter Will Get Picked On, Mom Wants To Change Her Name

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Picking the right name for your child is never easy, and there’s no guarantee you won’t regret the name you choose. But if you did would you go so far as to change it? Well, one mom wants to, but is getting pushback over it.

The woman shares on Mumsnet that she’s had a change of heart over her two-year-old daughter’s name, and even wants to change it, although her partner is not down with the idea. “I'm coming to deeply regret DDs [darling daughter's] name, which is sad as it's a pretty name and really suits her,” she writes. "However, I'm 100 percent certain she is going to be picked on, bullied and teased for being called this."

Her idea is to change her daughter’s name to something longer, which could be shortened to her current moniker so when she gets older she’d have the choice of which one to use, but her partner is “firmly” against it.

She then asked folks what they thought, and immediately most people felt they needed to know the name to decide. Turns out it’s “Alexa” so she’s worried about the potential teasing she’ll get because of Amazon’s virtual assistant. She notes, "I just feel like I've set her up for a lifetime of being told to turn the light off, or play 80s music or tell a bad joke."

In the end, most folks on Mumsnet didn’t think the gal should change her daughter’s name.

  • “Alexa is a lovely name," one person noted. "I know an 11-year-old Alexa - just call her Lexi?"
  • Others liked the woman’s idea of changing the name to Alexia or Alexandra, noting, “she’s unlikely to get confused and she won’t remember if you do it ASAP." 


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