Survey: Most Awkward Shows To Watch As A Family

Usually when we hear about “shows that aren’t family material,” we’re thinking only about shows to skip with our kids. But think about the mom who learned the hard way that they’d feel sketched out watching the steamy scenes “Bridgerton” with their moms(or worse, grandmas)! To help us avoid any future embarrassing situations, a new survey reveals the worst shows to watch with the family, and this time, it’s not just the kids we’re worried about.

In the survey from, three-thousand folks were asked about the shows they find most awkward to watch “as a family.”

  • Coming in first is “Normal People,” which is known for its honest portrayal of sex, something 83% don’t want to see with their parents.
  • “Bridgerton” follows close behind, with 81% of those polled preferring to watch Daphne and the Duke’s sexy scenes without their parents around.
  • In third place is “Orange Is the New Black” with 78%, “Sex Education” with 75% comes in next, and rounding out the top five is “Game of Thrones,” with 73%.

These lists tend to be about shows we can’t watch with our young kids, but this time, it’s all about what not to watch with OUR parents! One “Bridgerton” fan escaped the awkwardness of watching it with her parents, but as she binged the episodes, she had a flashback to her mom raving about the show, which she watched with 87-year-old nana!

Just thinking of her church-going granny sitting through the erotic show gave her second-hand embarrassment,but it had to be worse for her parents. Her dad admitted that he had to leave the room during one scene “because it was clear he wasn’t down there picking flowers!” Yikes.