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TikTokkers Share Tree Glamming Tips

Red Christmas tree and fireplace decoration, Merry Christmas and Happy New year, red and white Christmas decor design, Christmas background

Christmas is almost upon us and that means getting that glammed up. You may have decorated it the same for years, but TikTokkers are reminding us that sprucing it up may be just what you need.

Luckily, they have tips too. It may be too late for this, butDennis SetteducatiandAndrew Bozaof@CraftyLumberjackssay it’s best to plan where your tree will go.

So things they remind you about if it’s a fresh tree:

  • Don’t put it in direct sunlight
  • Don’t put it near your heat source
  • Plan decorating around the tree
  • Put ornaments in a triangular set up

Home decor and DIY specialist@lizloverygives us a cool trick: string your lights vertically, not the traditional horizontal way. Why? You use fewer strands and they are easier to replace if needed.

Tamara Bradshaw, @tamarabradshaw_home, wants you to think about the bottom of the tree. She says all it takes is cardboard, fur and ribbon to achieve a glamorous and fabulous look. Skip the traditional tree skirt.

Source:Good Morning America

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