This $2K Designer Purse Looks Like A Dog Poop Bag

The Internet is calling out a new purse from Italian fashion brand Bottega Veneta for looking a lot like another kind of bag and it’s not a good comparison. The designer leather clutch resembles a waste bag for dog poop, right down to the knot that closes it.

The high-end handbag is described by the luxury brand on itswebsiteas a “soft sack shape with a handle that looks casually knotted and slips around the wrist.” But people on the Internet have been mocking it for looking like the used dog poo bags you see people carrying after their pet does its business on a walk. And worse than the style is the price - this purse sells for $22-hundred!

“I was browsing online joking about the cost of designer bags — and nearly spat out my tea when I saw this one that was pricey and ridiculous,”Andrea Smithsays. “It reminded me of my friend casually knotting the extra large poop bags she needs to buy for her giant Great PyreneesBarryas she heads to the bin.”

Take a Look at this thing HERE!!!!!!!