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Husband Refuses To Brush His Teeth

How am I going to face this day?

There are a lot of little quirks folks learn to live with when the are in love with somebody, but one woman’s husband has a pretty big, and gross habit and she’s not sure she can really take it anymore: One woman recently shared on Reddit that her husband doesn’t really love to brush his teeth. That’s right.

She says when they first started dating they would brush their teeth together which she thought was cute. But when they moved in together he admitted that he didn’t really like brushing his teeth, but he had a “system.” She notes, “His system was that he had a 'goal' of brushing his teeth on Fridays. I'd say for the first year of our marriage, he met that goal less than 50 percent of the time."

The woman initially learned to deal with it, and if his breath got really bad she’d ask him to brush and he wouldn’t be offended but things have now taken a turn. She says they recently moved farther away from his family and his teeth brushing diminished even more. A couple of weeks ago they were getting “hot and heavy” and his breath smelled so much it was a “turn off.” She asked him to brush his teeth...and he got offended - even accused her of trying to change him and “manipulating him.”

  • While she says his not brushing isn’t a “deal breaker” it has increasingly become an issue, since she says it’s made her not want to be intimate with him, and when she told him why he got upset. She’s at a loss for what to do next and turned to Reddit for advice.

Well, as you can imagine, basically everyone told her the man needs to brush his teeth.

  • "He can't not brush his teeth and then be upset you aren't attracted to his nasty breath," one person noted. "I just don't see why it's such a big deal to brush your teeth ... He is being like a child that won't eat vegetables."
  • "There is something wrong with him, he doesn't take dental hygiene seriously and refuses to brush his teeth like some toddler," another added. "It makes his breath stink. He's going to end up with some serious dental problems as well."
  • Others suggested the woman really needed to be completely honest with her husband about how his teeth are turning her off, with one person sharing, "I feel like you are *slightly* enabling this by walking on eggshells.”

Source:Café Mom

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