When Kids Embarrass Their Parents In Public

  • Buzzfeed asked their readers to share some of the most embarrassing things they’ve heard a kid say in public
  • One kid screamed out he had a huge weenie, while another hugged his mom from behind and said, “Fart on me”
  • One kid told a table at a diner that their mom was pooping when she went to the bathroom, and another kid spent a whole train ride saying the world “clitoris”

Anyone with kids knows there’s really no controlling the things that come out of their mouths. Oftentimes they can say the most inappropriate or embarrassing things at the worst possible moments. Thanks to the Internet, you now know folks are sharing just that. 

Buzzfeed asked their readers to share some of the most embarrassing things they’ve heard a kid say in public and they are bound to make you giggle, at the least.

Embarrassing things people heard kids say in public include:

  • "My three-year-old nephew announced to the family that his weenie is huge."
  • "My co-worker and her four-year-old were grocery shopping, and out of nowhere the child ran up to her, hugged her from behind, stuck her face in her butt, and yelled out, 'FART ON ME MOMMY!!' My co-worker was mortified that it looked like she regularly farted on her children."
  • "My mom once traveled six hours by train with my four-year-old cousin, and during most of the trip she ran back and forth in the cabin while yelling 'clitoris' non-stop. Apparently, she overheard the word once in a bookshop."
  • "When I was little my mom took me to Sears where I yelled, 'Look mom their fridge has maggots just like ours!' My mom was so embarrassed and quickly replied back 'Magnets! MagNETs!!!'”
  • "At my father's funeral visitation, my then three-year-old came into the room with the open casket, looked at my dad in the casket and loudly announced, 'Yup! He’s dead!' And then ran out of the room.”
  • "During classroom pick-up: 'Mom! You wore your wig today. Is it on tight?'"
  • "We were at Target and my then Thomas the Train-obsessed two-year-old kept saying 'I love Percy,' but instead of pronouncing it correctly, he was saying 'I love pussy.'"
  • "While at a diner with my two-year-old and husband, I got up to wash my hands and my kid announced to the other tables, 'She's pooping.'"

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