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Barguments! The new Kazimierz Wine and Whiskey Bar

Kazimierz Wine and Whiskey Bar is a new venture by Tommy Plato, owner of the Second Story Bar in Scottsdale. Kazimierz has a long history but recently closed, so Tommy bought it and reopened it! He and bar manager Alli Greenhalgh joined Beth & Friends for some Barguments fun. If you missed the on-air shenanigans you can listen right here! And we've listed the cocktails below also ..

Barguments pt 1   Kazimierz Wine and Whiskey Bar
Barguments pt 2   Kazimierz Wine and Whiskey Bar

Here are the cocktails!

Impeccable Arm Candy

An amped up french 75-inspired cocktail, rumored to have been created by the French in WWI in the trenches, when all they had was cognac (the original spirit used in the French 75) lemons, & champagne. The only vessel readily available to make the lemon juice palatable were .75caliber bullet shells. They threw cognac, lemon juice & champagne together, thus creating a French 75.

… or so the story goes. 😊

Tasting notes: the cooling effect of the cucumber & the floral notes from the elderflower, it’s a clean, refreshing effervescent botanical garden on the palate.

The recipe - Effen Cucumber vodka lime juice elderflower liqueur raspberry brandy raspberry mist for aromatic enhancement

Topped with Spanish brut rosé & served in a coupe

Violette Reviver

A nod to another classic created by some sailors. We all joke about drinking & cursing like a sailor. Little do people know theyre behind some amazing drinks too! Originally a recipe designed to get rid of some ailments, maybe a hangover from the night before, etc, this drink revives the soul.

We swapped out an ingredient or two to create something delightfully floral for the senses

London dry gin (navy strength isn’t for everyone) Cointreau Lemon juice Lillet blanc Crème de Violette

We drop an amerena cherry & serve. Dry, floral, bright & refreshing notes Nectar 75 now jokingly called red flag 75:

Classic cognac French 75 with bubbles, sugar cubes & lemon juice

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