Keep These At Your Desk To Stay Healthy This Flu Season

You can get the flu shot and do your best to stay healthy, but you’ve still got to go to work during cold and flu season, which means you’re going to be exposed to all the germs your sick coworkers drag in with them. Aside from getting plenty of sleep and regular exercise, keeping these items at your desk in the office can help you be more prepared when flu season hits at work, because you know it will.

  • A soothing hand sanitizer - Hand sanitizer can be your best friend during cold and flu season, especially if you work in an office, but an aloe-infused formula also helps protect your skin from its dehydrating effects.
  • An eco-friendly screen-cleaner - You’ll want this to get the germs off any shared computers and devices you use at work and for your phone and computer as well.
  • Disinfecting wipes - Since we can’t force sick people to stay home, these wipes can help sanitize surfaces everyone in the office touches, like doors, counters, copiers, printers, and well, pretty much every surface.
  • A throw blanket - According to Harvard research, the flu thrives in cold temperatures and that’s also when our immune system is suppressed, so fight the cold with a cozy blanket to keep you warm at your desk.
  • Some soothing tea - Sip on some green tea to boost your immune system.
  • The really, really soft tissues - Even if you never get a cold or the flu, you’ll still probably experience the sniffles this season, so treat yourself to some deluxe tissues that won’t chap your nose.
  • Immunity-boosting probiotics - Flu season is a good time to try out probiotics if you haven’t before because protecting your gut health can keep your body ready to fight off any bugs and germs it comes into contact with.
  • A trusty hand lotion - Since you’ll be washing your hands dozens of times a day and it’s cooler and drier outside, you’ll need an excellent lotion to soothe your dry skin while you’re working at your desk, huddled up in that blanket.

Source: Bustle

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