Women Share Disastrous Proposal Stories

  • Several women are sharing their embarrassing and sometimes disastrous proposal stories
  • One woman’s man proposed with breast implants, while another put the ring in a bag of weed
  • One guy proposed on an answering machine on April 1st, while another guy popped the question with his gal just out of the shower and sitting on the toilet 

While every girl has probably imagined what it would be like when the guy they loved finally proposed, there are plenty of gals who have been left disappointed. Well, now several women are sharing their embarrassing and sometimes disastrous proposal stories, and they are bound to make a lot of women feel better about how their guy popped the question.

Bad proposals include:

  • “I had already broken things off and he calls me out of the blue like a month later and goes: ‘You should marry me, just quit school. You can stay home and I will pay for everything, even a boob job. It's the only thing missing to make you a trophy wife.” The woman added, “I hung up and blocked him.”
  • “He put the ring in a bag of weed and told me to pack a bowl....I stupidly said 'yes.' We broke up maybe a year later thank God.”
  • One woman said her friend’s boyfriend proposed in the recovery room after getting breast implants, since “they cost about the same as an engagement ring.” She eventually divorced the guy, with the friend noting, “she took her boobs out and sent them back to him.”
  • One person said her mom’s ex-husband popped the question on her answering machine on April 1st, adding, “She wasn't sure if it was a joke or not.”
  • “When I asked my parents, who just celebrated 40 years of marriage, how they got engaged my dad said 'your mother walked into my dorm room and I said: your t**s look huge are you pregnant?' Well she was. She had no clue until he mentioned it. And that's how they wound up engaged.”
  • “I was getting out of the shower and my now husband of 11 years told me to sit down on the toilet. I was dripping wet and he proposed. He's an amazing man just sucked at the proposal.”
  • “First time my-now husband proposed he was naked. I said yes. We split up but got back together he proposed again and he was naked again.” She adds, “I asked mine why, he insisted on being naked he was like it will be a good story for when we are old.”
  • “I just found out I was pregnant. We were at Walmart he goes and gets one of those plastic rings out of those machines and he asked me! Married 15 years now.”
  • “Mid argument, a ring box thrown at me and a 'I was gonna ask later..but will you ( blank)  marry me?'... Needless to say 13 years on and I'm happily engaged to my partner of 10 years.” 

Source: Daily Mail

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