“The Incredibles 2” Fans Warned About Possible Seizures Or Migraines

  • Blogger Veronica Lewis came down with a migraine from the light effects in the movie
  • After calling Pixar and not hearing back, she took to the internet to warn moviegoers
  • She didn’t want a boycott, just to save people from having epileptic seizures and other health issues
  • Disney/Pixar got the message after it sparked a conversation and asked theaters to put up warning notices

After a 14-year wait, the much anticipated “The Incredibles 2” hit theaters last week. And while fans are thrilled...there's one problem - and it’s why you’ll see warnings at theaters.

The Disney/Pixar movie has a lot of strobe and flashing light effects in it, and one blogger found out it could trigger health problems. Enter Veronica Lewis, who got a photosensitive migraine from watching the film. She immediately called Pixar, but didn’t get a response.

Luckily for Lewis, she's a blogger and took to social media so that others - especially people with epilepsy - could avoid any problems. For those who don't know, folks with epilepsy can suffer seizures or other negative reactions to the light effects. Lewis didn't even want a boycott - just for people - and producers - to be aware.

And while some took the studio to task for not thinking ahead, the fact is, they appear to have gotten the message. Now theaters showing the flick will post medical warnings.

  • In case you didn’t know, about 3.4-million Americans have epilepsy. It results in unpredictable seizures, as well as abnormal behavior, sensations, and sometimes loss of consciousness. They are most likely triggered by certain light patterns, like strobes. For more info check out the Epilepsy Foundation.
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