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Fans Fear The Health Of The 'unrecognizable Johnny Depp!!

When he’s not acting or carousing, Johnny Depp is a proud member of a rock supergroup, the Hollywood Vampires.

And so it was fitting that he looked every inch one of the undead as he posed for snaps with fans on the Russian leg of a world tour this week. But it didn’t appear to be make-up.

His famously handsome features had disappeared, replaced by a pale, haggard and hollow-eyed visage that instantly set social media alarm bells ringing among his followers. 

Suggestions for the change included a new acting role, the camera angle or the fact that he had ditched his signature smudged black 'guyliner'.

Of course, actors often change their appearance when they take on a new role and some fans insisted Depp was looking less than healthy after playing a terminally-ill academic in a forthcoming film, Richard Says Goodbye. However, that finished filming last summer.

Maybe it was the angle? He didn’t look nearly so gaunt when photographed visiting a Moscow museum a few days ago. Whatever the truth, it’s not hard to understand why fans tend to assume the worst with Johnny Depp in his long struggle with drink and drugs. 

C elebrity make-up artist and owner of Pouts & Pinups Stacey Whittaker told that ditching his signature smokey eye has had a huge impact on Depp's face.

'Without his attention-grabbing guy-liner it makes his eyes seem tired and dull, and his skin extremely pale, whereas liner would brighten and bring out the whites of the eye,' she said.

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