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Barguments! Cactus Flower Florists now delivers wine and beer!

Cactus Flower

Vines, Hops, and Blooms at Cactus Flower Florist's Scottsdale location at 10822 N Scottsdale Rd just north of Shea serves wine and craft beers,and all locations now deliver beer and wine with your flowers.  Owners Eric Luoma and Christina Duerr joined Beth & Friends for Barguments fun, and they delivered a couple of great wine treats!  Plus some beautiful flowers of course!

Here are the recipes for the summer coolers they brought in for us .. 

Cactus Flower Wine Treats

Pink Bubble SlushPour one bottle of JP Chenet ($12) sparkling wine or champagne into ice cubetray ... come back another day when it's hot outside ... 

Place one or two sparkling bubble cubes in a martini glassPour one oz of pomegranate juice over the cubesUsing a fork or spoon, work the juice into the ice as it slushesGarnish with pomegrante jewels (arils)Sit by the pool and enjoy!

Scottsdale White Wine Sangria

Pour one bottle of Merkin ($21) Vineyards Shinola Blanc white table wineinto a carafeAdd slices of cucumber (about 1/2 of a cucumber)Add 1/4 of a honeydew melonAdd 6-10 fresh mint leavesPut in the refrigerator for a day .. waiting is hard to do!Serve over ice and top with 2 oz of sparkling water per glass

And if you missed the fun on the air, you can listen here .. 

cactus Flower pt 1
Cactus Flower pt 2

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